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Puerto Rican Coffee to Warm You Up this Holiday Season!

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New low price for Isla Bonita Coffee!

Isla Bonita Rainforest CoffeeFor a limited time, you can get Isla Bonita Coffee for only $7, plus shipping and handling. Go now to our store:

Isla Bonita Puerto Rico Coffee now available at Central Market

Isla Bonita Coffee shelf at Central Market

We are very excited to announce that Isla Bonita Coffee is now available at both Central Market Austin locations, North Lamar and Westgate! We will be in Central Market Houston Westheimer next week! Enjoy the best Puertorrican coffee at 3 new locations!


Puerto Rico Coffee Drink Recipes and Preparation

Last month, for our Isla Bonita Coffee opening at Halcyon Coffeehouse, I contacted the baristas at some of the most original Puerto Rico Spanish coffee shops or panaderias, Kasalta and Panaderia Espana.  I got their insights on Puerto Rico coffee drink preparation.  Here’s a summary:

Coffee Preparation Puerto Rico Style


Espresso cup:

A. Black (Pocillo)

B. With 1/2 portion or less hot milk, not steamed (Con Leche)

C. 2 drops hot milk, not steamed (Cortadito)

Cafe Con Leche

A. 1/2 Espresso Coffee 1/2 Hot milk, not steamed


Espresso shot Add 2-3 teaspoons of anise instead of sugar

Cuban Shot

Espresso cup.  First sugar.  One spoonful espresso.  Grind sugar with cup, till sugar gets caramelized.  Add rest of espresso.

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Not all Puerto Rico coffee has 100% Puerto Rico coffee in it!

Puerto Rico produces 100,000 quintales (100 lb. burlap bags) or 10,000,000 lbs. of coffee.  Local demand is 20,000,000 lbs. of coffee.  The government has to solicit the difference in an auction from other countries.  Therefore, many coffees made for local consumption like Yaucono, Cafe Crema, and others may or may not be 100% Puerto Rico.  Isla Bonita Coffee Puerto Rico is made from a blend that includes the top 5% of all the coffee produced in the island (specialty grade).

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Cafe Plus Magazine

Check out the folks of Cafe Plus Magazine. They are passionate about Puerto Rican coffee. Perla Curbelo, the editor is the daughter of Luis Curbelo, owner of Finca Perla. Finca Perla is one of the 5 boutique farms that grow Isla Bonita Coffee.

Cafe Plus magaizne

Cafe Plus magaizne

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