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Our Haciendas

Hacienda Adjuntas

Owner: Lucemy
Town: Adjuntas
Beans Grown: Arabica (Tipica, Borbon)
Altituide: +/- 2700 ft

Hacienda Barrio Tanama

Owner: Ivan Ortiz
Town: Utuado
Beans Grown: Arabica (Borbon, Limani)
Altitude: +/- 2000 ft.

*Mr. Ortiz also has a smaller hacienda in the town of Yauco, which contributes to production.

Hacienda Barrio Indieras

Owner: Francisco Miro
Town: Maricao
Beans Grown: Arabica (Caturra, Borbon)
Altitude: +/- 2300 ft

Hacienda Barrio Bartolo

Owner: Angel Delgado
Town: Lares
Beans Grown: Arabica (Tipica, Caturra)
Altitude: +/- 1900 ft.