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Cold Brew Coffee Recipe, Toddy

The weather is warming up, and a piping hot cup of coffee just isn’t as appealing when it’s 95 degrees outside in Austin. Just in time for summer, Isla Bonita Coffee has the perfect cold brew recipe (or toddy brew), great for on-the-go urbanites and easy time sippers alike. Our Cold Brew method has great advantages, particularly the low yield of acid. Oftentimes, when coffee is brewed with hot methods, the water scorches the beans yielding a more bitter, acidic and sour taste. Scorched beans = Yuck! The only disadvantage to our cold brew method is the length of brew time–15 hours, ideally–which requires a bit of preparation.

Isla Bonita Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
12 oz Isla Bonita Whole Puerto Rican Coffee Beans
1 gallon cold, filtered water

Grind beans to coarse consistency, as with French Press coffee. (Grounds that are too fine can be difficult to strain out later.) Add the coffee grounds to the water, and let sit for 15 hours. Use cheesecloth or large bag filter to contain grounds if you don’t wish to strain out the grounds when the brew is finished. I like to allow the grounds to float freely during the brew, and double strain the coffee to separate the coarse, then the fine grounds. Straining is important, and you can use a coarse wire strainer in combination with cheesecloth, or run in increments through a French Press.

The resulting cold brew coffee should be refrigerated and keeps for weeks. (Or keeps for only a couple of days around my house!) We hope you enjoy this delicious morning, afternoon (or evening) treat, which is great black, iced, or creamy sweet!

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